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About Us


The University of Missouri (MU) established the Center in 2017 to elevate the prominence and performance of the teaching and learning communities on campus, and to position MU as a land grant research university that provides systematic and comprehensive support for teaching and learning.  Governed by a faculty advisory board, and in close collaboration and coordination with all MU administrators, faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders, the Center develops and provides educational programs for faculty and all instructors.  The Center recognizes that faculty are central to its mission and supports faculty-driven initiatives to enhance teaching excellence.  Programs and services are available to the entire university teaching community, including full-time and part-time faculty, teaching assistants, post-doctoral scholars, and anyone else involved in the instructional process at MU. The Center activities are data-driven and data-producing and thereby contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Mission Statement

The University of Missouri’s Teaching for Learning Center (T4LC) further empowers educators to achieve transformative learning environments characterized by inclusive excellence, evidence-based practices, and innovation. The T4LC serves all faculty members, graduate teaching assistants, and staff with instructional roles by fostering dialogue, action, and reflection for and with the academic community.



Our dedicated staff  is comprised of a full time staff, faculty fellows, graduate and undergraduate students. Please take a moment to meet us.


Advisory Board

The T4LC has an Advisory Board of Teaching for Learning advocates (faculty, graduate instructors and staff) who offer perspective and insight. We connect with the campus in a variety of ways, and new collaborations emerge each day. View the current members. (Links to the current page)


UM System Partners

The Center collaborates on successful existing programs offered by other campus entities and works closely with individual academic units to support their efforts in this area.

  • The Campus Writing Program
  • MU Office of Assessment
  • MU Office of the Provost
  • Faculty Council
  • MU Libraries
  • MU Connect
  • MU Office of Service Learning
  • Missouri Online
  • Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies