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How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive

This comprehensive guide offers a road map to make sure your classroom interactions and course design reach all students, not just some of them.

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Students Learn From People They Love

Putting relationship quality at the center of education.

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How to Avoid Overprepping for Your Classes

Too many faculty members prepare too much for the classes they teach, writes Christine Tulley, who proposes a solution: pattern teaching.

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What Will Students Remember From Your Class in 20 Years?

One rainy September day, a small group of faculty members gathered around a conference table in a seminar room at my college to puzzle over an extraordinarily difficult question: Twenty years from now, what do we hope students will remember from our courses?

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10 Key Points About Active Learning

For well over a decade, I’ve been exploring the science of learning, cognitive neuroscience, research on memory and studies of pedagogy, as well as reading everything I can get my hands on having to do with techniques and methods for meaningful, engaged classrooms.

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The Chronicle’s Best Ideas for Teaching

The 10 articles in this collection describes innovative teaching strategies—not just high-tech ones, but low-tech ones, like peer instruction, faculty learning communities, and reconsideration of the canon.

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What a New Professor Learned After His First Class

When a new professor starts teaching, the learning curve can be steep — even for people who have done remarkable things outside academe.


Are They Doing Their Own Work?

Some colleges are taking stronger steps to ensure that online students are the ones actually doing the work.

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How Can We Measure Commitment to Undergraduate Teaching?

It may be time to develop a methodology to improve the U.S. News & World Report Best Undergraduate Teaching rankings.