Advance Panopto Training

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM


Sponsored by Office of eLearning


Advance Panopto Training.: Overview of more advance features with an in-depth demonstration of  Editing, Setup for Student Assignment use of Panopto by the student, Panopto Capture, Advanced Editing features: adding graphics and videos and merging Panopto recordings. Building sessions and Use of  Multi-Language Captioning

This session will include:

  • Using Panopto recording Assignments and its Use of a Panopto Assignment folder.
  • Using Panopto Capture recorder
  • Using advanced editing features:  add Graphics Slides, Updating PowerPoint Slides, best practices with inline Quizzing and reviewing best practices when adding embedded external videos in a Panopto recording.
  • Creating Panopto Assignments in Canvas, recordings & uploading video assignments. and  Panopto Quiz Assignments
  • Using  “Building a Session”
  • Using  Multi-Language Captioning for use in foreign language classes.