Increase “Teaching Presence” and “Social Presence”: Designing for Social Connectedness in Online Courses

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Zoom - Link in Registration


This 90% asynchronous and 10% synchronous Community of Practice will hold its first synchronous session on 8/21/2020, and run through Thanksgiving recess.
Stay tuned for registration to open the second week in August. 

Online learning environments have an interesting effect. Students have a harder time “seeing” the instructor (teaching presence) and a harder time seeing themselves as a community of learners (social presence). Faculty members experience as well that what worked in physical classrooms is not or less effective in online environments. Designing one’s teaching presence and actively facilitating ALL students’ feeling of connectedness are essential pieces for effective classrooms – online or not. The goal of this community is to increase the use of strategies to enhance teaching presence of faculty and social presence of students:

This Community of Practice (also known as a Faculty Learning Community) is designed to support faculty to:

  1. (1)  Reflect on their own “teaching presence” in physical classrooms and existing online classrooms
  2. (2)  Explore and test different techniques to raise “teaching presence” in their classrooms ranging from message design, instructional strategies, mechanisms to provide feedback and presence in discussion-boards.
  3. (3)  Design personal strategies to implement in classes to raise their own teaching presence and support students social presence by revisiting assignments, team project support