Graduate Teaching Orientation 2024

Graduate Teaching Orientation (GTO) is a two-day, hybrid event, dedicated to helping graduate students who are teaching for the first time at the University of Missouri. All graduate students (domestic and international) with teaching assistantships and responsibilities who have not previously taught at the University of Missouri are required to attend GTO. Please be sure to register for both days of the event if you are any of the following:

  1. Graduate Instructor: Graduate Instructors either work independently to decide the order, specific materials, and the pace of a class, or work with a Course Coordinator to ensure they cover the same materials at the same pace as other sections of the class. 
  2. Studio Instructor:  These studio graduate instructors rarely teach using a lecture format.  Instead, students focus on developing technical skills and developing creative projects.  These courses are often found in the design fields including art and architecture.
  3. Discussion/Recitation TA:  Discussion/Recitation leaders typically meet weekly with students in their section(s) to do things such as discuss class material, clarify concepts based on what the students have learned in a large lecture class, lead students in activities, and assist students with assignments.   
  4. Laboratory TA:  Lab TAs are typically responsible for meeting weekly with students in a lab classroom, reviewing lab procedures when the lab begins, and working with students individually or in small groups throughout the lab experience.  These include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics labs as well as a variety of computer-based lab experiences.   
  5. Class Assistant:  Class assistants help the instructor of a large lecture class.  Responsibilities may include helping small groups of students during class activities, proctoring tests, and holding office hours to assist students.
  6. Office Hours Assistant:  Office Hours Assistants hold office hours where students can come for individual assistance when needed.
  7. Grader: Graders are responsible for grading assignments and tests as well as providing written or other feedback and results to students.