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Bringing Theories to Practice: Universal Design Principles and the Use of Social Annotation to Support Neurodiverse Students

Social annotation tools such as Hypothesis and Voice Thread, when used well, boost student engagement, enhance critical thinking, expand reading comprehension, and increase student interaction. Learn more about these tools here with this article from Faculty Focus.

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The Expert Network

The Expert Network is a fantastic, free, online resource for faculty and instructional staff. Access individualized coaching to help address teaching challenges in your learning environment. Experts will attend to your unique situation and offer suggestions that are attuned to…

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Assigning Roles to Increase the Effectiveness of Group Work

Although group assignments have many benefits, instructors may encounter a wide variety of problems. Common problems include students not contributing to the project, one student dominating the group, or students having different expectations about group performance and workload (Burke, 2011).


Following the Fall of 2019, several Mizzou students took time to write thank you notes to faculty members as part of the “Thank-A-Prof” initiative.

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