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New Faculty Orientation 2019

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A Message From the Founding Director – April

For so many of us, April is the homestretch.

jesse dome

A Message From the Founding Director - March

The Teaching for Learning Center joins Mizzou’s celebration of Women’s History and wants to thank our colleagues for the impact they achieve through Mizzou’s many women’s organizations.

Portrait of Dr. Stephen Brookfield

Special Event with Distinguished Guest, Dr. Stephen Brookfield

Hosted by the Teaching for Learning Center on Friday, April 5, 2019.

Why I love Teaching at Mizzou

“Our small planet is facing some big challenges. Today’s college students are bright, energetic and want to make their mark in the world. As a teaching professor, I empower Mizzou students to transform the world by teaching them how to operate the levers of change. There is no better reward for a teacher than to see your students expand their ability to think critically and meet the challenges they are presented; except perhaps to encounter them years after graduation and discover they have grown well beyond your own abilities!”

J. Scott Christianson
Professor, Management
Why do faculty love teaching at Mizzou?

Thank you for the wonderful and addictive course. I learned a lot of things from you. Your expertise and the way of teaching are quite fantastic and I will surely miss them. Thank you for giving some of your wisdom to me.

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