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Teaching Renewal Week, January 13-17, 2020 - Registration is now open!

Join us for the annual Teaching Renewal Week, a multi-day conference to rejuvenate for teaching in 2020. This year we will focus on well-being in the learning environments.

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News and Profiles

Portrait of Deanna Sharpe

Sharpe Skills

Deanna Sharpe inspires her students to attack personal finance writing with vigor.

Lydia Bentley and Jonathan Cisco pose outside of Ellis Library

Dynamic Dedication

Pair of associate directors bring varied strengths to T4LC

Jeanne Abbott poses by a tree.

Jeanne Abbott: Newsroom Teacher

McIntyre Professorship for Teaching Excellence winner values the Missouri Method.

Why I love Teaching at Mizzou

“I love teaching at Mizzou because I get the chance to work with world-class colleagues, staff, and students to foster an environment where lives are made better every single day. At Mizzou, we have a community of teachers and learners dedicated to new methods of instruction, innovative research, and impactful community outreach. We hold the awesome privilege of shaping the citizens of tomorrow and we honor that privilege by building classrooms marked by rigorous and respectful debate, the relentless questioning of assumptions, and the quest for human understanding.  We don’t just teach calculus, or English, or history. At MU, we teach other human beings how to ask the right questions and to seek answers that make society better for us all.  That’s why I love teaching at Mizzou.”

Jerry Frank
Associate Professor, History; Director of Mizzou Advantage
Why do faculty love teaching at Mizzou?

You continue to impress me more and more with your knowledge, creativity and engaging coursework. Some people brighten up the room with their presence–you are one of them and even manage to do so even from a distance. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and compassion as I continue this doctoral journey; you aren’t just helping me learn, you make me a better person.

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