About the Teaching For Learning Center

The Teaching For Learning Center currently supports instructors at Mizzou virtually by providing established programs and partnering with campus departments currently offering forms of professional development and teaching assistance. The TLC supports all teaching from graduate instructors to tenured professors—in the ever-changing educational landscape.

Planning is underway for a physical Teaching For Learning Center. Stay tuned!

Established Programs:

  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Teaching Academy
  • Teaching Renewal Week
  • Celebration of Teaching
  • Tigers Teaching Tigers


  • Educational Technologies (ET@MO)
  • The Campus Writing Program
  • The Office of Assessment
  • The Libraries
  • Academic Support Center
  • MU Connect
  • Mizzou Online
  • Wakonse Foundation

The current virtual Teaching For Learning Center offers programs modeled after those proven to be successful at other universities, as well as incorporates innovations derived from current research. Programs serve a variety of efforts designed to help instructors discover, adapt and adopt proven and innovative practices. Additionally, The Center looks to collaborate on successful existing programs offered by other campus entities and works closely with individual academic units to support their efforts in this area.