Advisory Board

The T4LC has an Advisory Board of Teaching for Learning advocates (faculty and staff) who offer perspective and insight. We connect with campus in a variety of ways, and new collaborations emerge each day. The current members are listed below.


Lisa M. Bauer Associate Teaching Professor Psychological Sciences
Sarah Bush Teaching Professor Biological Science
Jennifer Fellabaum-Toston* Associate Teaching Professor Ed Leadership & Pol Analysis
Dale Fitch Director Social Work
Kyle Gibson Teaching Professor & Dept. Chair SHP/Physical Therapy
Isa Jahnke Associate Professor Information Science & Learning Technology
Joe Johnston Professor Emeritus Educational, School, & Counseling Psychology
Amy A. Lannin Associate Professor & Director of Campus Writing Program Campus Writing Program
Monique Luisi Associate Professor Journalism
Ferris Pfeiffer Assistant Professor Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering
Johannes Schul Professor Biological Science
Douglas Valentine MU Student Sociology
Margaret (Beth) Whitaker Assistant Teaching Professor Ed Leadership & Pol Analysis
Danna Wren Director, Educational Technologies VP Undergraduate Studies
Nanxi Xu MU Doctoral Student Developmental Psychology

*Guest member