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Teaching and Learning Consultations

Year-round, we offer individual and small group consultations on any teaching and learning topic. We provide formative feedback on teaching, course design and lesson planning guidance, suggestions for how to equitably engage and assess students, and ideas for how to address various other challenges that may arise in the learning environment—whether face to face or online. Everyone involved with instruction in our community is welcome to request a consultation via our GatewaySee below.  


Inclusive Teaching Offerings

As part of our mission to support inclusive excellence at Mizzou, we offer several opportunities for educators to enhance their implementation of inclusive teaching methods and models. We have customized workshops for academic units that address immediate concerns such as how to have productive difficult dialogues and how to present sensitive material in a way that is protective of students. We also provide more general, interactive presentations on relevant topics such as implicit bias and microaggressions. Learning to be a more inclusive person and teacher is an ongoing process, and we support that process by sharing resources on how to promote inclusive climates, online engagement, assessment, and other practices. Check our email updates for current offerings. To request a specific workshop or presentation, email Lydia Bentley, Associate Director, at 

In addition to our workshops and presentations, we invite faculty, instructors, graduate instructors, and teaching assistants to join one of our Mizzou cohort experiences with Cornell University’s five-week online course, Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom. This self-paced course has modules that introduce key concepts. Furthermore, our cohort will offer weekly Zoom meetings to share stories and practices that promote inclusive learning environments. Stay tuned for news about upcoming cohorts. Contact Lydia Bentley at with questions.

Communities of Practice

The Teaching for Learning Center convenes Communities of Practice (CoP) to deepen scholarly teaching by bringing together faculty, graduate instructors, and others for collaborative inquiry, reflection, in order to make progress toward goals germane to Mizzou’s teaching for learning mission.  

The term, Communities of Practice (CoP), originally conceptualized and used by Jean Lave and Etienne Wegner in 1991, refers to “groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” Members of the CoP are referred to as practitioners, and they collectively engage in order to maximize social learning to “. . . develop their practice through a variety of methods, including: problem solving, requests for information, seeking the experiences of others, reusing assets, coordination and synergy, discussing developments, visiting other members, mapping knowledge and identifying gaps.” 

If you are interested in proposing a CoP for future academic years, please write to

Teaching Essentials: An Evidence-Based Approach to Inclusive and Effective Teaching at Mizzou for New and Returning Faculty

  • An engaging and interactive workshop series
  • Timely topics for teaching classes in all disciplines and modalities
  • Evidence-based practices that align with MU’s definition of inclusive and effective teaching

Sessions meet on the 2nd Tuesday of select months from 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Meetings are held in person in the Teaching for Learning Center, 25 Ellis Library

This workshop series will guide instructors through the following topics:  

  • Creating an Environment of Trust and Extending Belonging
  • Learning Science and Purposeful Use of Tech
  • Course Design and Structure for Inclusive Student Success
  • Emotion Science and Energizing Learning
  • Relevance and Rigor to Advance Equity
  • Emergent Topics

Teaching Essentials launches every September and is open to all educators. Watch for recruitment announcements early in the academic year. For more information, please contact: Flower Darby, Associate Director, Teaching for Learning Center at

Celebration of Teaching

Collage of images from Celebration 2022

The Celebration of Teaching is an educational development conference at the University of Missouri where teaching professionals and instructional support staff acknowledge the year’s teaching and learning accomplishments, together. At the conference sessions, we share approaches and techniquesengage with colleagues from across the disciplines about teaching and learning; and learn from guest thought leaders on important teaching topics. The conference offers time to collectively recognize award-winning instructors, advisers and campus authors.

Teaching Renewal Week

Teaching Renewal Week (TRW) is an educational development conference for the MU faculty, graduate instructor, and instructional support staff communityEach January, TRW provides opportunities for idea exchanges and other formats for enhanced teaching for learning. This event promotes an open, collaborative culture across campus, and highlights great examples of research and teaching on this campus. Guest speakers present on key topics and issues related to teaching for learning. Additionally, attendees can learn about numerous programs and resources. 


OneHE logo

We’re excited to announce a comprehensive professional learning experience offered in partnership with OneHigherEd (OneHE). OneHE provides engaging, practical, online micro-courses and resources such as infographics. Micro-courses take approximately 20 minutes or less to complete. All courses and resources feature a recognized expert in higher education teaching and learning. Experts hail from around the world.

We recognize that you have many competing demands on your time, and you also want to teach effective, inclusive classes. OneHE’s concise, evidence-based micro-courses make it possible to learn your way based on your preferences, interests, and available time. The courses can also be taken whenever you like; access the OneHE environment when it works best for you, as often as you like.You’ll gain practical ideas to implement next week or next semester, and each course provides references for further reading as well.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose either option for sign-in using your UM System credentials.
  3. Authorize access when Canvas prompts you.

This will give you access to the OneHE learning environment. You can find the MU OneHE home page under the University of Missouri-Columbia menu at the top of the page.

Need technical assistance?  Email or Emily Goldstein, Missouri Online Director of Instructional Design,

New Faculty Orientation 

New Faculty Orientation provides an opportunity for faculty and T4LC to learn and explore inclusive and effective teaching practices at the University of Missouri. During New Faculty Orientation, T4LC provides workshops and guidance on the most pertinent topics for new faculty, including: Tips for inclusive teaching across modalities, online teaching effectiveness, introductions to active learning, and other guidance related to course design, activities, and assessments. 

You can always access all of T4LC’s workshops by heading to the Gateway, your one-stop-shop for all professional development at Mizzou.

In addition to our workshops, you can always reach out for one-to-one guidance on any topic, from course design to assessment. Head to the Gateway to make a one-to-one consultation request.

Wakonse – an affiliated conference

The Wakonse Foundation brings together people who find inspiring and influencing others is what they do for a living. They create a climate where it is important and appropriate to display and discuss teaching talents, where colleagues learn about themselves as teachers, where they see and consider the tasks and issues of creative teaching in a manner characterized as enjoyable, where providing feedback to one another is the norm and where that feedback is outside of any institutional mandate to improve or to evaluate teaching. Participants become Wakonse Fellows. That means, in the simplest of terms, to support, promote and share the excitement and satisfaction of teaching – to inspire others and ourselves.

Curriculum Development & Instructional Design with CourseTune

CourseTune enables academic units the opportunity to plan curricula and map course learning objectives to university goals, accreditation standards, and other programmatic measures using an innovative, visual approach to curriculum planning. Working in partnership with the CourseTune team, T4LC has helped 14 colleges and programs import, improve, and map their current and future programs within CourseTune, enabling colleges and programs to quickly produce reports to internal and external stakeholders.  

Current Colleges and Programs Exploring CourseTune 

  • Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering 
  • Mizzou Academy 
  • The Graduate School 
  • Radiography 
  • Architectural Studies 
  • Psychological Sciences 
  • Communication 
  • Journalism 
  • Veterinary Medicine 
  • Nursing 
  • Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences 

If your college or program is interested in exploring CourseTune, please contact the Teaching for Learning Center at