A Message from the Founding Director – November

As the month of November opens, I am in the habit of mind to give thanks for features of life that are positive and meaningful. For students and all lifelong learners, it is a great time to thank our professors, instructors, advisors, and mentors (present and of yester-year). This November, my very first in the Show Me State, I also give thanks to the Mizzou community for envisioning a new Teaching for Learning Center and inviting me to lead it to fruition.
In the coming months, we will embark upon a collaborative strategic thinking and design process to inform the foundation of what will become a world-class center. Now, we are sustaining and enhancing existing formats and events that have been popular, such as Teaching Renewal WeekCelebration of Teaching, etc. Soon, we will bring back select formats which have been dormant, although they served participants very well. And, we are on the move to launch new formats, too, such as Teaching For Learning Conversations, described here.
Teaching for Learning Conversations
A new professional development format for faculty, instructors, TAs, and Post-Docs
On a regular basis, the T4LC will facilitate collegial, small group, roundtable discussions on a range of Teaching for Learning topics. Facilitators will be Teaching for Learning professional staff members, Teaching Award recipients, champions for best teaching practices and innovation, as well as leaders and professional staff from units like the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, and more. Our first conversation will be on the value of rubrics in teaching, learning, and assessment.

See the calendar and learn more about registration here: tlc.missouri.edu/events/
Please note, seating is limited. 
Upcoming topics may include:
  • Drafting program and course-level objectives and outcomes
  • Spacing and Interleaving: Two top evidence-based practices
  • Scaffolding the learning process
  • Dealing with bottlenecks in learning
  • Engagement principles
Email teaching@missouri.edu with your suggestions for additional topics.
              Robust professional learning opportunities for teaching abound on our campus, and I am pleased to share a redesigned calendar for the month which I hope will attract new and more participants (attached). Also, if you would like our assistance in raising awareness for a teaching, learning, or assessment session or program you are promoting, please contact us: teaching@missouri.edu.
One of the most inspiring sections of our existing website is the Thank-a-Prof page, which receives thousands of views: https://tlc.missouri.edu/thank-a-prof/ .  It seems to me an auspicious time, to revisit this initiative so that we can hear from our students about the impact that Mizzou teaching has on their lives and future trajectories as leaders, innovators, scholars, and engaged citizens.
With enthusiasm and gratitude,
Victoria (Tori) Mondelli, Ph.D.
P.S. Connect with us on Twitter (@T4lcM) and LinkedIn (T4LC University of Missouri). We’ll be getting social soon.