Faculty Spotlight

Sharpe Skills

Deanna Sharpe inspires her students to attack personal finance writing with vigor.

Jeanne Abbott: Newsroom Teacher

McIntyre Professorship for Teaching Excellence winner values the Missouri Method.

SEC Achievement

Accountancy professor at MU earns recognition for his years of research and teaching.

Monarch Migration

While flipping through a scientific journal, biological sciences professor Mark Kirk came across a story about the sensory mechanisms that a monarch butterfly uses to navigate its migration flight between Mexico and North America.

Let’s Talk

On any given day in the hallways of the School of Journalism, you might hear a particular voice — a big voice. It contains enough rasp and flint that you’d instinctively avoid provoking its higher decibels. It’s also bright, forthright, quick to laugh, in the moment. That’s Earnest Perry “working the halls,” as one colleague…

Sociology Professor Wayne Brekhus Talks Research and Working with Undergraduates

Sociological research is often different than typical scientific research. It is more centered around interviews and people instead of being centered around a lab environment. Dr. Wayne Brekhus explains how his students conduct their research and how he guides them.

A Playbook for Success

After 11 years of teaching, Chris Pires, associate professor in MU’s Division of Biological Sciences, says his most rewarding experience has been mentoring dozens of undergraduate students.

Winning Tradition

Mizzou faculty members earn the Boyer Award for Excellence in Teaching in four of the last five years.

Forecasting Student Success

Eric Aldrich’s interest in meteorology began when he was a child and was frightened by severe thunderstorms. If he could predict when a thunderstorm was going to happen, he thought, then maybe he wouldn’t be afraid.

Providing Real-World Experiences

Berkley Hudson, a professor in the School of Journalism, recognizes some faculty would rather have a graduate or doctoral student assist with research projects. Hudson understands that, but has found undergraduates can also provide valuable assistance.