Diogenes Da Silva Santos

Graduate Research Assistant

Ellis 23F

Email: diogenesdasilvasantos@mail.missouri.edu


In August 2022, Diogenes embarked on a new chapter in his diverse career by joining the University of Missouri’s Teaching for Learning Center (T4LC) as a Research Assistant. Currently based in Columbia, Missouri, he serves as the primary liaison between graduate instructors and T4LC while also pursuing his doctoral studies in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies.

Before entering the academic world, Diogenes built a solid foundation in information technology as a network engineer in Brazil. His experience with leading Internet service providers has informed his current role, where he uniquely blends technology and education to enhance pedagogical practices.

At T4LC, Diogenes has been instrumental in the completion and rollout of key teaching initiatives. Besides handling administrative responsibilities, he offers strategic resources and guidance to both graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Diogenes is deeply invested in research that explores the intersection of technology and education. His focus lies in the transformative potential of Virtual Reality (VR) for language acquisition. His ongoing research aims to integrate cutting-edge technology like VR into educational settings, thereby making learning more interactive, efficient, and engaging.

With an academic journey that started in network engineering and has culminated in a concentrated focus on educational technologies; Diogenes is not just a researcher or an educator, but a lifelong learner dedicated to the confluence of language, technology, and pedagogy. As he approaches the completion of his doctoral studies, he remains steadfast in his mission to enrich the academic discourse through meaningful research and advocacy.