Thank A Prof 2022

Thank a Prof graphicTo date, MIZZOU students have shown gratitude by generating over 1,000 thank-you cards to Mizzou educators. Here are some of their comments:

Thank you for being the Best/Funniest/Happiest professor ever. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Thanks for the best semester! I will miss talking with you during classes!!

Thank you for being so responsive to student inquiries. I can tell you love math and want your students to enjoy it as well. Happy holidays!

Thanks for a great semester! I will miss being your TA!!! Happy Holidays!

Your involvement, engagement and enthusiasm for public health was obvious even in my online course. Thank you for loving your profession and inspiring the rest of us!

Thank you for your help and guidance these past few years! I really appreciate the time you give to help to train us, the next generation of clinicians, and also for your guidance and instruction in our collaboration with the Nutrition and Wellness Organization. I’m glad I pursued that opportunity to get more involved and have learned a lot from it.

Thank you Professor for an excellent and interesting semester. I love your teaching style and your blackboard skills are awesome! Keep up the hard work!

Thank you for always answering my questions when I asked them. Not having a clinical background or a background in exercise has made it a little more difficult, but you made sure to go over questions or offer time to discuss our incorrect responses on tests. That is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for being an awesome professor and a wonderful person in and out of the university. I learnt a lot from you, not just about Math and Physics but about life. Thank you so much professor.

Structure and function really helped me understand topics that seemed very challenging and hard to understand on a basic level. I have used my knowledge from taking that class in the past and I think about the things I’ve learned in that class almost everyday at my crop consultation job to figure out challenges farmers are facing throughout the growing season. Thank you! 🙂

Thank you Professor for a mind-blowing semester learning about the cosmos. I love my new found understanding of the universe and its evolution. I feel so privileged to have learned such interesting material. Keep up the hard work and stay warm this winter!

Thank you for all your hard work to bring us this course! Every semester, I look for that “”hard-hitting”” course that I should expect to be the most demanding and most uncomfortable. Adapting biochemistry concepts in a more nutrition-focused light certainly earns that spot for Human Nutrition II, so I am grateful for how you keep things engaging and fast-paced and relevant to our future careers. I’m also thankful for how you invest in your students so that we can grow and pursue our next steps.

Thank you so much for teaching me and helping me when I had questions. Your class was very interesting and the labs were fun to do as well as helped with lecture material as well.

Thank you for making this one of my most interesting classes I have taken here at Mizzou! It makes waking up for the 8am a lot easier when I enjoy it. I appreciate all the time you’ve taken out of your schedule to chat with me about various things as well!

Thank you for being one of the few professors that taught topics that are applicable outside of a textbook. I use my knowledge of weeds and herbicide damage from your class everyday at my crop consulting job and greatly appreciate that you put so much emphasis on teaching those topics so in depth in class. Thank you! 🙂

Thank you for being a wonderful mentor for students past and present. You go above and beyond for anyone you are teaching, and it is truly appreciated. You are the best! ”

Thank you for all that you do for your students, both in their professional lives and personal. You are a great mentor, mom, collaborator and friend, and an inspiration to so many. Thank you for being YOU!

Thank you for being an amazing instructor, gathering the minds of those who look like you and ensuring they feel safe and hear in you class room is not an easy task. you have insured my safety and foster an environment where i feel safe to be. Thank You for the work you do, and the breaks you take for your self as well because those are important as well. I look forward to being in our class next year.

I wanted to reach out and say thank you! This has been one of my favorite classes of my undergrad and I know its because of you. The effort you put into teaching this class and getting to know your students is amazing and has really made a difference for me. You have done a great job this semester so thank you! I hope to see you around next semester 🙂

Thank you for providing an interesting yet entertaining lecture experience this year!

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do of going above and beyond as a teacher. I appreciate your encouragement and teaching style more than you know! I wish I had more teachers just like you! ”
Just would like to say I really appreciate the effort you put into this class and the care for all the students you have. I know this tough to try to have every student in your thoughts but it feels as if you do. I would just like to say thank you.

It has been a privilege having you as a teacher for the last two years. I know you like to sometimes joke around and make fun of how you think you aren’t a good teacher but you are by far the best professor in the hospitality mangement program and one of my favorite teachers in my 4 years of college. You listen to your students and adapt to meet our needs. You are always encouraging us in our assignments and show interest in our success outside of the classroom, which is rare for a teacher. Your teaching style is greatly appreciated by everyone I have talked to.

Thank you for going above and beyond in helping students!! You Rock!!

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