Welcoming and Collaborative

Defining “Welcoming and Collaborative”

The following definition of “Welcoming and Collaborative” comes from the TFELT report of June 4, 2021. In this description, “Key terms” refers to descriptive terms that were generated through TFELT’s examination of relevant research literature and iterative brainstorming and refining during MU community workshop activities during September and October 2019. For more information on this process, please see the “TFELT Process to Determine Definition and dimensions of Effective Teaching” section on the task force’s online archive of in-progress work.


Welcoming and Collaborative means that the instructor welcomes and actively includes all students and perspectives in the learning environment. Students in the course collaborate with the instructor and other students. 

Key terms for this dimension include: Inclusive, Interactive, Dialogue, Creative, Relationships, Respectful. 



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Examples of “Welcoming and Collaborative” Teaching

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Resources for Developing “Welcoming and Collaborative” Teaching

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